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What work on the Internet is more popular?

Hi, everybody. I always wanted to try to change my profession to a more modern one.

I consider work through the Internet, advise in what direction to look. 

I will be grateful for answers. heart

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I'm a designer and it's exhausting cool


Insta Blogger )


What if you try to create your own website?  Also choose a topic and write interesting articles. Topic choose the one in which you understand. Then you will monetize.

At first, it is not necessary to leave work. Can be combined.


In my opinion now the most popular is blogging. There are many platforms: youtube, instagram, tik-tok, telegram. Choose a theme and try it. yes


Front-End Developer recommend or web-designer )


Open courses " how to make a million." laugh


I am currently working as a web designer. Very creative profession but sometimes it is monotonous work. Overall I like it.


SMM (Social Media Marketing) is very popular now. If you like social networks and their promotion, then try.

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